I was inspired by the interior design of this rather “grand” beach house  found in the heel of Italy – Puglia.  I want to share with you this laid-back and calm interior style, and at the end I have put a shopping list to recreate the look. In fact I am so captured,  I have to re-do the moodboards for my own renovation!!

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Dating back to 1689, the restored fortified farmhouse has a secure courtyard and nobel towers that once was a stronghold against Saracen raiders. The estate also has it’s very own private chapel.

Local Architects worked with Alexander Waterworth, who are London based Interior Designers to create a very calm and authentic atmosphere. They have respected the original architecture, used traditional methods and kept to a restrained colour palette of neutrals; whites, soft warm greys, blue and mauves that reflects the atmosphere around the house. The finished result looks like it has always been like that – a true mark of good design.

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The textures are natural fabrics; linen, cotton and velvet with weathered woods which blend harmoniously together with the natural terracotta stone and painted plaster.

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The huge vaulted ceiling and original features remain throughout and the house is heated by an eco thermal warming system.

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The polished plaster hamman and floors with wall lights in alcoves behind plaster give glimpses of how simplicity is a luxury,

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The house has been furnished with antiques from Italy and across Europe with bespoke linen covered upholstery.

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It is a has 8 bedrooms (so perfect for 1 large or 2/3 family holiday) it comes fully catered with chef, housekeepers etc… so no squabbling over dishwasher duty.  Whether you are/are not interested in renting this 8 bedroom home with 2 swimming pools you can take still take the inspiration and the shopping list above and to create your own little piece of heaven!

Details can be found here

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(note – all photos from I have not visited this property and cannot personally recommend it, nor have I been paid for this post.)