February colour of the month ……. red!


Red is a powerful colour to use when decorating your home. Being a colour of extremes; passion, seduction, anger and adventure it takes careful consideration where you will use it.  Depending on your personality and how often you use a particular room, red can be a great way to make a statement and create a wow factor.

Red is warm and advancing it’s wavelength is long and makes the lens in your eye flex more than other colours and gets your attention because of that.  Think of a stop sign; in fact, globally red is the colour for stop.

It is also one of the top two favourite colours of all people…. In Asia red is the colour of happiness and luck, and it is the most popular colour in China.  In Russia the word for red means beautiful. Brides in India wear red saris… On Valentine’s Day in the Anglo-Saxon culture we send red roses to someone we love….

So red really does make a big statement when used in interior design.  It looks fresh and sober on the blue side of red and more fun and relaxed on the orange side of red….

found great inspirational ideas for red on Pinterest….

Screen Shot 2016-02-05 at 14.53.57

Teamed with white, red is fresh, happy and light. Used in modern or traditional bedrooms it is very inviting and great for a guest room…


… and can be used to make a candy stripe fun theme for children ….


A cheerful and fresh bathroom……fa5b473e96c26cd2687ebb1316769aac

Screen Shot 2016-02-05 at 14.55.03

Teamed with blue it is more sophisticated and sober, giving a more elegant feeling…. bc2aa3c3d5ffc7adead780caae3c1ca74d1045a45d61e2e52c63a005434cb587de4d433eb595909ab19c0cb14d77e702-1

Screen Shot 2016-02-05 at 15.07.11

It becomes more moody and seductive when teamed with deeper shades..ab69bfa2c74a77a974226a9dc7b38d4497b8805668abf2aa0ca67e6c603b18c2

Red adds a focal point to a multi colour scheme, your eye is drawn to it and it grounds the room for your eyes….8164c43662455e29965b3396045ce956Red has always been used to decorate from cave times until today, but since the beginning of the 19th Century (and advanced production methods) it became more available to the mass market and not the reserve of the rich.

In period homes it is often used and suits the proportions of Georgian and Victorian properties very well, with high ceilings and large windows. 2793534-house-30nov15_SimonBrown_b_639x426












































If that might have given you a little inspiration to look at red, whether you want a modern or traditional look.  On the resource menu at the top I have started to list eco suppliers and here are a few that have great reds!

Some of my favourite eco paints in red……..

Eco Paints
All paint suppliers shown here are on Resource menu at top of blog
Using the resources menu above you can source the look here.....
Using the resources menu above you can source similar to the look here…..

Have a great weekend, I would like to say paint the town red but that would be far too cheesy!! 😉

Thanks for reading!

Amanda x