Max up your space….

Very few of us have enough space.  I am pretty sure Her Majesty or various Russian Oligarchs are not reading this blog… so what can the rest of us do? Moving house, adding an extension or building in clever storage, great, but can be expensive and time consuming.  Don’t we all have an area in our home that we wish was just a bit more roomy?  For me I always end up in houses with the world’s smallest entrance hallways (except, of course, when I was a student and didn’t care) and my current house is no exception! Well I would like to share with you a few design tips to make your tiny space feel bigger… that together with a good dose of declutter/recycling could do the trick!  Who knows, you may not even need to extend or move.


the colour wheel

One easy/less expensive way is to change the colour. There are a zillion books about colour, but when it comes to maxing up your space using colour, then all you need to know is the following.  Warm colours advance towards you and cool colours recede away from you. Making a colour lighter tends to make it cooler therefore recede i.e. pink is more receding than red. Reds, oranges and yellows will draw a room in and make it feel warm and cosy.  Blues, greens and blue-violets will have the opposite effect and make a room feel more spacious and open. Yellows and violets can be warm or cold.


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