Studio Heaven – How 34m2 can work!

When less really is MORE….

As the cost of m2 to buy/rent in our major towns and cities continues to increase we need to become ever more resourceful at making do with less. The answer is at studio apartment, where a larger property has be subdivided and I want to show you how to create your own Studio Heaven. Less space, less clothing, less of everything.  It is surprising what we actually don’t need to have a perfectly normal life!

I wanted to show you that with careful planning, using interior design techniques, less can actually feel like more! 

This luxurious pied-à-terre in the heart of Stockholm is only 34m2. With a neutral palette, clever storage, a glass partition and the fact that one wall is all windows this space has a light and airy feel. 

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source: homedsgn
source: homedsgn

The bedroom becomes a feature of the room, the glass rejecting the windows to bounce more light around the room.


The oversized candles add a bit of the unexpected, and the mix of modern and antique creates and authentic feel and prevents it feeling like a show-home.


There is plenty of light with 2 sets of windows and french doors to the balcony.


The sofa cushions and throw are Swedish folk style. The linen sofa stands on a layer of sisal rug.  When using neural colours texture is key to the look working well.  The subtle blue print on the cushions and throw together with the artwork is enough colour and print to balance the colour palette of the space. 


Can you believe there is an original fireplace!  This adds another authentic, elegant and homely touch.


Having the outdoor space means the the room extends and adds to the feeling of space. 


The white kitchen and white mosaic splash back melt into the background, and the marble worktops are repeated on the antique Swedish table which is teamed with modern soft linen dining chairs.


The large hessian lampshade mirrors the round table and roots the dining area to that spot. Round tables take up less floorspace. 


Cleverly concealing the fridge freezer into the wall extends the living area. The oak on the underside of the wall cabinets link with the antique coffee table and gives the kitchen a more bespoke feel. 


The shower room is all about function, the white tiles bounce light around the room and the large mirrored cabinets double the space. 


There is even a walk-in closet beside the fireplace! I was so impressed by the simple layout and how effective the interior design is at making this tiny space seem rather more than adequate! 


If you want to make your own project always try to think of the eco way, you will feel better in a room with few or no chemicals and every little step – even just one of the below will help our environment.

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Thanks for reading.

Amanda x