Project Weinberg – The beginning……

My home renovation story….

In reality the design process is a complex and rigorous process, parts of which I can post at a later stage… A good designer will formulate a brief based on what you need and want, plus an extra bit of magic – then make a design analysis to come up with the Concept and master plan!  Here is mine and I wanted to share it with you because we all need more or less the same things (maybe not all at once!) so perhaps you will find some ideas for your own project… 

Design Analysis for Project Weinberg by Jacober Interiors

Concept for Project Weinberg by Jacober Interiors
Concept for Project Weinberg by Jacober Interiors  Images: Pinterest

I put together the concept above.  In case you are wondering, Jacober Interiors will be the name of my new Interior Design business that I will set up after my own renovation is complete – but more about that another time!

Designers make a concept board to guide the design process.  When choosing building materials, paint colours, surfaces, fabric textures, furniture shapes and accessories,  by referencing the concept board you can see if the design fits together. Pinterest is a great resource for finding images that spur your imagination.  Keeping a notebook to jot down ideas and sketches is also a must as it is easy to forget along the way where you saw something.  

For my own home I want the theme to be elegant, calm, welcoming, light and authentic. To achieve this I want to keep a restrained colour palette, light and welcoming colours, mix antiques with new, and create a sense of balance.  To make the house feel authentic I hope to find as many preloved, reclaimed and salvaged elements, this is not only eco but gives you an instant patina that looks like it has been there a while.  

Ok, so where do we start?  I have to state here that I am not an Architect and have no intentions to be one.  However, Interior Design does cross into Architecture and I have redesigned the house myself, all drawings and ideas are mine.  

How am I to go about making this sad little looking thing ‘timeless‘?


Well, into something rather more balanced and classic…Weinberg North Elevation

The have put together a Sample Board for the exterior showing a light masonry paint and darker window frame colour.  The roof will be slate and cladding and fencing will be in weathered grey cedar. 

Exterior Sample Board
Exterior Sample Board

From the front you can see I will add a new level to create a master suite The porch has been covered in and the driveway widened to open up the space and make it more inviting. 

The view of the back

The Planning Process was crazy…… 

The reason that this house is such a mad shape is because of the land, which slopes away on all sides and is roughly the shape of a pizza wedge! There must be 9m between the house and borderline on one side and 5m on the other. My planning restrictions are particularly strict because I back onto the forest and the area has to remain in a certain under developed was, so the living space can only be 25% of the land total. The good news is that the attic and basement are not counted and that is why I added there. Max height is 7.5m from the pre-1981 land, so I had to go through archives to find this and work with new geometric planning of the land to find a solution.  I did the max I could and was able to add a new roof level and extend the lower level. So I can add enough value to more than cover the cost of the works.  It has taken a lot of time and effort but in the end we can now start… oh and it was all in German!!



The new look…..Scan 8

There seems to be a lot of changes but adding a roof level and glassing in the area under the kitchen are the only structural changes, the rest is mostly cosmetic.  Adding a new balcony around the kitchen makes that level more useable as it is where we spend most time. 

So the planning approval is through, and the next few months will be getting quotes, finalising the planning for all the internal rooms, and finding suitable contractors.  I hope to starting next spring….  will put updates as and when they happen, fingers crossed!

Thanks for reading!

Amanda x