Maison & Object Sept ’16

Last weekend I visited Maison & Object in Paris for the first time.  The exhibition is huge (with 8 halls image shows a small section of Hall 6) and there is something for every taste.

As many of you know I am in the process of setting up Jacober Interiors my own interior design practice.  Any good designer needs a great list of  suppliers they can depend upon and who suit their business ethos. Wearing my eco aware hat it was important to find companies that have a strong eco ethos.  I was looking for quality, made from sustainable sources with production facilities that provide fair working conditions.  I am drawn to products produced by small artisanal production facilities keeping communities and small family businesses going…….. It will be learning curve but meeting and speaking is the only way to assess these criteria – I met a lot of lovely, interesting and innovative people!!

With Project Weinberg in the pipeline (as per my previous post) I needed to start the process sourcing and making contacts.  Some items, as you will see from my previous post, will be a perfect fit for Project Weinberg – others interesting enough to keep on file for any future projects I may have.

Here is just a very small selection of what caught my eye.  All photography by me.

I walked into this area first – ECLECTIC – it was full of colour and music – the energy was upbeat and I could see how some of these pieces could lift and give some life to many projects.


Deep jewel colours and rich fabrics with lots of texture and pattern.img_1603-2  img_1607-1Using velvets and interesting reflective surfaces the light bounced around and kept the room sets looking full of energy and far from dark.


Being a Kilim fan it was good to find these…..img_1674-2

img_1676-1Copper and brass are still on trend …..img_1719-2

The look was retro-glamorous, using velvets, linens and leathers in rich patterns, accent pieces in brass and copper.  Saturated colours and lots of pattern. The Peacock cabinet above was a stand out piece.  As were these ‘Iris’ glass wall plaques….



In contrast there was a calm look with linens and velvets contrasting with rougher natural wood, to keep the connection with nature whilst being quite luxurious.

The neutral palette…img_1733-1

Take a second to look at the contrasting textiles, the wall art is 3D, there are rough, smooth, fluffy, polished, oversized, unexpected…


Liked the Paris Metro map in wood panels…


or slightly more bold, love Emerald velvet with the botanical wallpaper..img_1780img_1779

Reclaimed Doors….


Rugs & Textiles

The trend towards ‘faded out’ rugs was strong, I loved theses silk lovelies and these fit perfectly with the Natural-Luxe look.

img_1741-1 img_1742-1

There were neutral textiles to layer up and make a space very cosy and curated…

img_1644-1Some rugs were woven with suede, jute and metallic fibres…



… a bit of 70s retro sisal… what is not to like – even lovely on the wall!!img_1623-1

These below, are made from recycled pet bottles and are very cotton-like to touch – all the others are produced under the Goodweave scheme to ensure they are free from child-labour and fair wages are given….

img_1684-2 img_1642-1


Hand block printing….

Hand carved wooden blocks printed with natural ink on organic cottons…


Scandi Retro inspired wall art and printed cottons and linens…


These was a great deal of Tribal and Asian art-inspired accessories and these pieces work in any style…..img_1688-1

These are produced by a working co-op in India …..


This company is uses reclaimed wood, and synthetic coral, shell and ivory.img_1614-1

img_1799-1 img_1794 img_1796-1


img_1665-2 img_1744-1

Below:  backlit photography, these were taken in Namibia.  The at the end of a long day after ‘hanging out’, the photographer earned the confidence of the tribe.  The end result is a  photograph knitted together of 22 images…. some people are doing amazing work……



Cement tile as adhesive strips… great for rental make-overs or if you are not sure the ‘trend’ might last.

img_1694-1 or the real deal…


These lovely Terrazzo with inlaid glass, tin, and mother of pearl..img_1773-1img_1771-1

Exquisite ceramics from Turkey…


Must be the mad Brit in me but have to find a way to incorporate these faux books into Project Weinberg……. am thinking a secret door to the guest loo? What do you think? Worth it alone for the puzzled look when you explain the loo is being the bookcase!!


I hope that you have liked my inside look at one of the biggest Trade Fairs on the planet.  The items highlighted here are just some of my favourites!

Thanks for reading.

Amanda x