What is FSC?open-graph-image

The Forest Stewardship Council or FSC,  has been around for 20 years and has built up a large database of companies around the world who work towards and gain certification to show us,  the consumer,  that they comply with strict environmental and social standards.  It is our right to put our money where we desire and if saving the planet is something that we have an interest to participate in, then the FSC makes it easy for us to make that choice.   There are three FSC Trademarks, each slightly different:

FSC 100% – Only found on products made exclusively from fibre originating from FSC certified forests.

FSC Recycled – Contains min 85% post-consumer waste and can have up to 25% pre-consumer waste (e.g  wood chipping left over from manufacturing etc).

FSC Mix – Contains min 70% materials from FSC certified forests and a maximum 30% recycled materials.     more information here