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Well Christmas is done and dusted, and as we are mid-way through winter here in the northern hemisphere,  thoughts are turning to what are we doing in the summer???  All of us with children at school are in the same situation,  if we haven’t already booked (i.e. us) then we’ll be lucky to get our first choice of destination.

I have started my search and thought I’d share a few places that offer a more eco approach to family holidays for those of us with an eco spirit but no wish whatsoever to rough it! 

Growing up in Scotland that nearly always meant going abroad to “the continent” (seriously, that is what Scottish people call it!) if you had the means or a bucket and spade at a rain-soaked caravan park if not!  Fast forward 100 years and I am living in Switzerland by the beautiful lake Zurich, and quite frankly being here in summer is on “the continent”! In the last six years of living here we have stayed local a lot of the time, esp with young children it was just too much of an ordeal to travel far and wide. 

Scotland –  Eagle Brae Log Cabins 

Joking aside there is no more beautiful place if your are lucky with the weather!

Eagle Brae is a completely carbon-neutral holiday destination – they don’t come more eco than this….  It is near Inverness and I would love to visit this summer.  Must get onto the case to see what they have left… if not then will book ahead for next year.  I know my family would love it here, esp the husky treks, finding all the local arts and crafts, and British chocolate (which is the best sshh…) but generally just being in Scotland is always a big treat for my half- Scottish girls! 


all details here


England – Daylesford Organic Farm 

You can’t beat the Cotswolds for a proper English holiday!  The colour of the local stone, the beautiful thatched-roof cottages and the cream teas are quite frankly out of this world! (mm.. starting to notice a food issue here!) A visit to the farm makes you want to just want to move in for ever, it is so peaceful, elegant, tasteful and I can’t wait to go back there!

Cottages next to farm
Cottages next to farm details here


Austria – Priesteregg in the Leogang Valley 

We took a family holiday a few years back it is a lovely log cabin retreat between Salzburg and Innsbruck.  Have to say the Leogang valley is beautiful and more Swiss than Switzerland.  I love that the Austrians do want to keep their heritage and restore many old buildings whereas the Swiss like to build new – but that’s another blog!

A lovely chap called Huwi collected wood from many old chalets and barns over a 5 year period then built a small complex of chalets using traditional building methods, above his restaurant “Brugg” and tavern ” Huwi’s alm”.



Room service is delivered by Dirndl dressed chalet assistants who appear on little golf carts and there is a range of in-chalet natural beauty treatments and therapies available.




Have to say when we stayed there the food and service was excellent and the local area interesting to explore.

Priesteregg all details here


Portugal – Pedros Salagades 

I would really like to visit here one day, its just over an hour by car from the northern Portuguese city of Porto which is full of wonder items of porcelain and antiques literally calling me!

The spa town of Pedros Salagades was apparently favoured by royalty and has elegant architecture and history to delve into….  The resort is located in a natural park and comprises of eco houses and eco tree houses designed to blend into the natural environment.


Pedros Salgades details here

I hope you might have found some inspiration for eco holidays, making changes to your own house and garden, or even if you are building your own holiday home….

Thanks for reading. 

Amanda x