Eco Garden Design Part 4

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When it comes to design, gardens are outside rooms and the design principles of interior design apply. Collecting ideas of what you like and want will help you decide on things through the process.  Interior designers use mood boards and you can too for your garden, i.e. you like a plant or chair ask yourself “would it be out of place on my mood board?” You have your decision there and then.  There are may good designers out there if you go that route and your mood board will be very helpful by giving your designer an understanding of what you want in a visual form.

1. Read my Garden Blogs 1-3  hints and tips of how to….Screen Shot 2016-07-02 at 10.18.24

some images from previous Eco Garden posts 1-3
some images from previous Eco Garden posts 1-3

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2. Mood Board create your own it is easy… 

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photo: Lisa Cox Garden Design

3. Assess your space & make a plan …..pencil, paper, measuring tape and compass (there is on the iPhone) 

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sketch by Lisa Cox Garden Design
sketch by

For her clients who wanted to keep as large a lawn as possible, Lisa moved the shed nearer the house and used the full width at the back of the garden.  By making it a circular shape the lawn appear larger. By moving the BBQ & dining area eating area near the kitchen makes it convenient to use.  The kitchen extension has bi-fold doors and the new patio is effectively an extension of the kitchen in the summer months.  Siting the shed nearer the house allowed her clients to access the shed in winter without having to walk across a muddy lawn …. North facing she has selected many shade loving plants on her mood board above – to see more of this project click here

Coming soon….. Eco Garden Design Part 5

Don’t miss my next and final post of this series where I will walk you through each step of the design process used by interior designers to design your garden!  Balance, Colour, Texture, Form, Scale, Pattern, Contrast, Unity and Rhythm…. once you have this know how….  you can design any interior or exterior space… 

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