Fabric & Wallpaper as Art

Shhh… designer tip! Fabric and wallpaper is Art!

Framing fabric or wallpaper is a great way of introducing pattern and spending a fraction of what it would cost for curtains or upholstery.  It also gives you the flexibility if you are someone who likes to change things around!

These beautiful wall panels are actually table runners.

Framed fabric in bamboo
Frame a piece of wallpaper – Kit Kemp
Framed Fabric – Kit Kemp

The above bright and bold are eye-catching and give a curated feel.

Framed botanical wallpaper in niche
Framed botanical wallpaper as backdrop for bar
Framed blue jungle paper lightens the wall

Below, you may not want to paper the whole wall but creating a panel by papering the wall and adding a wooden beading could work.

Papered wall with frame
Framed Scarf and Textile


St. Frank

Whether you want to frame a favourite scarf or throw, or to create a panel from wallpaper you can always find ways to create your own unique space.  Go large and go bold! I hope I have inspired you to think of fabric and wallpaper as art!

Thanks for reading.

Amanda x