Trend Alert – adding velvet to your interiors.

Luxurious, decadent and very tactile.  Dating from the middle ages and once the preserve of the elite for robes of high office, velvet has long been used in fashion and luxurious interior design projects.  I started seeing a lot of velvet at the trade shows in 2016, once the reserve of bedrooms and boudoirs velvet is now coming through in living rooms and kitchens. I think this trend is here to stay, so if you haven’t already succumbed, now would be a good time to add some velvet to your interiors this winter.

A quick fix would be to add a footstool and cushions.

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What actually is velvet?  Simply put, weaving two thickness of material at the same time, the fabric is then cut apart to reveal the pile.  There are about 16 different ways to make velvet but the most common are:

  • Plain, a combination of cotton and silk, has a stiffer handle and used a lot in upholstery.  Many plains now, instead of silk, contain a mix of rayon or polyester and this makes them more durable and economic.
  • Devoré is when an acid is used to burn a pattern into it.
  • Pile-on-pile, a particularly luxurious type of velvet woven with piles of differing heights to create a pattern.
  • Hammered, this type is extremely lustrous, appears dappled, and somewhat crushed.

Hammered velvet chairs really makes this room by adding a soft tactile texture in an otherwise very bland room.

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Pile on pile and devore fabrics are great especially when tone on tone.

source William Yeoward

A great decorators trick is to add a pop of orange velvet into a cool colour scheme – there is something about plain orange velvet!!

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Here at Jacober Interiors we use special extreme stain resistant velvets for dining and kitchen chairs. You can literally pour nail varnish remover on it and not damage it!

If you have a darker room the jewel tones create drama and entice you to curl up in winter – if you have the nerve to pull this off it is so worth it.

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A step further and you can find fabulous printed velvets. This is bold and truly a statement piece!

source Colefax & Fowler

A softer style here,  traditionally shaped upholstery with velvet inspired by ancient weaves

source Colefax & Fowler

Even if you don’t want to be too crazy, mixing velvet with woven fabrics is another decorator’s trick give a bespoke look.  This is often done with nice shaped chairs, making an element in your scheme look unique.

source A Rum Fellow



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Or you can go for all out glamour and create a boudoir feel 

source Architectural Digest
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If you just fancy some seasonal changes every online retailer and dept store has pre-made curtains, throws and pillows galore in fabulous velvets just waiting to be loved.

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Hope you have had some velvet inspiration!

thanks for reading…

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