7 Design Tricks for an Entryway

Getting the entrance to your home just right, gives you not only a lovely feeling when you get home, it keeps you less stressed by being organised and it is always a great way to welcome visitors and perhaps show off a little!

Whether you have a small spot by the front door in an open plan living area, or a large entrance hallway – getting the basics right means any space can work for you. Before deciding on the cosmetics, get the practicalities fixed.  Depending on your available space try to add as many of these as you can….

For Project Weinberg the entryway was too small for the house.  A family home requires quite a lot of organising to run smoothly and a few changes were required.

The entryway was extended forward in line with the garage – planning restrictions prevented a larger extension, if you have the space then a larger area would have been better but I found another space further inside for coats so the area became big enough for what I needed.

I look forward to showing the proper ‘After’ in a couple of months…

Outdoor flooring inside is a great twist of the unexpected…  I wanted an outside-in feel for the entryway and found some good inspiration in the images below.

The wood panels and brick floor are a lovely contrast with the antique console and buffet. Don’t be afraid to mix woods…

source: http://tsg.daily.thescoutguide.com/post/124153779835/tsg-memphis
source: http://tsg.daily.thescoutguide.com/post/124153779835/tsg-memphis


Source: Patina Farm

Above: If I was living in a warm climate I would love an entryway like this… but all the glass and a Swiss climate would not work so well!  This works with an elegant rustic limestone and a rusted garden console.

Below – you don’t need to reserve stone for the floor.

source: pinterest

Below a cosy cottage feel with tongue and groove panelling, the light grey is the perfect contrast to antique brick.

Table or shelf

source: pinterest



source: pinterest

I love the use of outdoor lights inside a hallway…

Limewood Hotel UK: photoby me

Purpose build coat storage/seating can be useful for smaller spaces… 

Even the tightest spots can accommodate all you need….

source: pinterest

I look forward to showing you how I have incorporated these elements into Project Weinberg Entryway soon… make sure you subscribe I’ll keep you posted!

Thanks for reading.

Amanda x

How to create an Eclectic bathroom

There is a new trend towards a more eclectic bathroom, there is so much choice nowadays and it is a good way to put a unique stamp on your home.  Firstly – nothing matchy-matchy. Eclectic is when you mix up different thing together to create a unique mix and style.  Whilst it is tempting to just visit the bathroom store and select a matching “suite” that is the first rule you have to break!  You want something quite timeless but interesting, maybe even unexpected.

Secondly, the toilet has to be simple and almost disappear in my opinion, wall hung with a concealed cistern if possible and white. Taking the vanity as the central focus, marble and wood or the up-cycling of existing furniture pieces creates a unique centre piece for the bathroom.

Tiles can be combined in different ways can add pops of colour and pattern to make a space stand out from the crowd. Even plain white budget tiles in an interesting shape, or laid in a different pattern can be just enough.  Grout need not be only white or taps chrome…  Read on and think out of the box…..

marble and stone 

Natural stone and marble always give a luxury timeless look – this solid marble basin is on brass legs and gives a traditional idea a modern look.

Image source

A similar look is achieved here using a bluestone top with black taps.

Image source

Below, the luxurious marble double vanity unit made using book matched Veneto marble with inset basins, certainly gives a 5 star feeling!

Image source

Architecture firm Auhaus have put together a concept using concrete with precious purple veined marble and the contrast is quite surprising…

marble and concrete bathroom
Image source










cement tiles 

These are made with coloured clay by hand using traditional moulds to form the pattern.  Traditionally from Morocco they are now a offered by many companies.  Using the bold pattern they offer you can make a small space really special and keeping to a simple colour palette you can mix and match.

Image source
Image source
Source unknown


























upcycle – any second hand sale room find

Fans of mid-century can customise a sideboard and have surface mounted basins added for a lovely sleek look.

Image source




Image source

Above designer Jenna Sue has up-cycled a chest of drawers to produce a cosy and cost effective vanity.

rustic charm 

These lovely rugs cozy up the dark grey floor and look lovely with the rustic teak vanity unit with on surface mounted basins.

Image source

Any console table can be converted into a bathroom unit. You can even use a wide shelf so whatever your budget, you can create something eclectic and not boring off the shelf thingy.

Image source

Continuing with the rustic theme this unusual vanity has a rough stone sink.

Image source unknown














Add a unexpected colour and pattern

Image source
Source unknown

Ceramic sink in pink, such a beautiful peony shade.

Image source


Economic, easily painted with a waterproof paint and can be wiped clean. You can also repaint in a couple of years without hassle or spending much.

Image source

Cladding gives a cosy mountain feel to the elegant lights and mirror.

Image: Decor Magazine












coloured grout 

Grout can be fun! (did I just write that? – shoot me now!) 

metallic grout below in gold glitter

Image source







Image source


The finishing touches to even the most simple bathroom can make a bold statement.  Just straying out of the chrome zone gives the room a little unexpected boost.

smilar vacant lock here

Black taps look set to stay….

Image source
Brushed bronze from Watermark


Brushed gold from Kohler.com
Brass yen tap from Watermark with magnetic Carrara taps
Image source

So you can see not all bathrooms are created equal.  Pinterest has a great source for ideas and inspirations and I hope that your next bathroom renovation however small can have a lot of oomph!

Thanks for reading, Amanda x


Well hello!

The Interiorista
The Interiorista

Hi, I’m Amanda Jacober and welcome to my very first post.

If like me, you have a passion for interior design, and want to do your bit to help our planet then you may well have come to the right place!!

We probably want the same things: to live and raise our families in a toxin-free, gorgeous and unique space, with furniture and fabrics that are sourced and made responsibly…  that this could also be affordable for a mere mortal??? Sounding impossible….

It might not be easy – but my quest is to share with you how to design and realise your own authentic space by finding eco alternatives wherever possible without compromising on style.