5 Interior Design Trends for 2017

Hi, so it is that time of year when we start thinking of spring and feel like a freshen up at home. With that in mind I would like to share some inspiration and a few interior design trend predictions I have seen for 2017…..

 1. Pantone Colour of the year – Greenery

GREENERY  Pantone colour of the year 2017
Image: elledecor

Not surprising since this green represents refreshment and revitalisation – a nod to recent world political and social events? This also represents nature and the growing feeling that we live in a finite world and need to step up and protect the environment. 

Green has a calming effect and can create a relaxing and positive feeling.

Introducing this colour into your home is very easy you could start just by adding plants….

image: pinterest

Plants can also be a health benefit see my blog House Plants to improve your health

add a few cushions or throws…

Image: pinterest

invest slightly more and reupholster some vintage chairs for a modern country look …..

image: pinterest

repaint a door ……

image: pinterest

or a vintage chic floor….

Image: lascositasdebeacheau.blogspot.com

Which ever way you do it,  adding this fresh colour will lift your spirits and bring spring into your home.

2. Butterflies

These represent optimism and are a happy motif – think social butterfly, no longer designated to children`s bedrooms.

Adding a fun wallpaper……..

Image: Christian Lacroix

or some accessories….

Butterfly container by polspotten.nl
Butterfly Blur Cushion
Image: timerousbeasties.com

Fabric for furniture and blinds, also available as a wallpaper….

Chair covered in Butterfly Fabric from timerousbeasties.com

3. Grey Floors

This trend has been around for a little while it has unexpectedly exploded on pinterest who report pins are recently up by 20%. Grey is the new neutral.

Image: elledecor

Scandinavian inspired interiors are calm and easy to live with ………

Image: firedearth.com

Most wood companies offer an array of greys……

Woods are treated and washed to achieve the tone required Image: pinterest

Or you can easily paint existing floorboards….

Paint original pine boards with a chalk based emulsion and finish with a white hard wax. Image: Design Sponge

there are some very convincing alternatives to wood….. I think marazzi do it very well.

Grey wood look porcelain tiles Image: marazzi.com
Grey tumbled limestone tiles available soon from Jacober Interiors

4.  Textures

There is a large macrotrend towards comfort, we are looking for a place to rest from the chaos and 2-dimensional information constantly coming towards us.  Layering creates a feeling of softness and keeps the room interesting, and large surfaces can be softened and given depth using textural elements or images.

Velvet, cottons and wools

Image: anthropologie.com

pom poms….

Image: nordichouse.co.uk

Faux fur….. cushions, throws or a bean bag? We have one of these at home and our cat Amber loves it too.

Image: cox&cox

To create interesting, textured wall treatments you can use…

hand made tiles…..

Selene from Johnsons Tiles

Faux marble wall paper….

Marble look wall mural from muralswallpaper.com

or a textured woven wallpaper ….

Image: wallpaper-uk.com

The key with textured walls is not to overdo it, and add lighting to show the definition.

5. Artisan

The movement away from a mass produced look.  Where we start to be aware of protecting age old practices and appreciate the work and back story behind each piece.

The London Artisan and The Bristol Artisan showcase local talented makers and designers, hold talks and champion the cause.

The Whale Trinket Bowl by Rose Nisbet from The London Artisan
Airmail Swallows lampshade by Mountain & Molehill from The Bristol Artisan

I recently wrote about Lyngard,  a wonderful company in England who are keeping age-old pottery techniques alive and producing some amazing lighting. Click here to read

I hope you have been inspired and found a few new ideas to try.

Thanks for reading, Amanda x


Colour of July – Turquoise

We are at the height of our summer and the mood is relaxed, looking forward to holidays… Turquoise for me is the ultimate colour of July!

photo: precious.tumblr.com
photo: preciousd.tumblr.com
photo: Curated Style
photo: Curated Style
photo: etsy.com
photo: etsy.com

Turquoise stone is sacred to Native Americans, it is said to be the bridge between heaven and earth. It is said to be healing, protective and allows you to release old vows that are no longer relevant, and stop self sabotage.

ok… now I have good reason to buy one of these beauties…

Turquoise beaded chandelier by marjorieskourasdesign.com
Turquoise beaded chandelier by marjorieskourasdesign.com

Turquoise falls between blue and green on the colour wheel – a cool colour that opens up a room making it recede away from you so it feels more spacious.  As it tends towards the green side, your eye’s lens has to flex very little to see it and that is why it creates a feeling of calm. It gives a feeling of cleanliness and freshness.  Here are how interior designers use this wonderful colour and the some design principles explained.

Photo: harper's Bazaar
Photo: Harper’s Bazaar

This small bedroom above is a blank canvas of white to open the space to the max, by adding the turquoise in light absorbing velvets and light reflective ceramic vases it creates enough interest but too much that it is busy.  Balance is achieved by perfect symmetry, with the painting as the focal point.  Symmetrical balance is very calming to the eye because our eyes want to see balance and harmony. The footstools and side tables are on legs which shows more of the floor, another trick to make the room feel larger….  The touches of orange-brown in the painting are at the opposite side of the colour wheel to turquoise (called a complimentary combination) and that is yet another tool a designer can use to make the turquoise pop out and please your eye…  The scale of the ceramic table lights being slightly oversized adds a touch of unexpected and gives the room interest.  Repetition of the turquoise dotted around the space moves your eye around the space nicely…


mood board in turquoise by me
mood board in turquoise by me

Below are some rooms that reflect elements of the above mood board…..

Rustic Chic 

photo: Elle Decor
photo: Elle Decor

Here the darker shade is achieved by adding black to the mix.  The paint effect on the wall is contrasted with the small scale print on the chairs.  The general scale of the room is balanced by the window arching downwards and the lamp meeting that line or vertical axis as designers call it. Balance here is interestingly a mix of symmetric chairs but the overall room is asymmetric with the window and the offset basket of logs… As in the first image the complimentary colour of orange-brown is used.

Eclectic Glamour 

photo: Elle Decor
photo: Elle Decor sofa by Nicholas Hallam Fabric on slipper chairs by Lewis & Wood

Above the sofa is the only solid piece of colour in this skilfully decorated room.  To layer print on print takes a good eye.  It is successful here because all the prints are a form of IKAT. By keeping the same colour palette and varying the scale and design of the print it works beautifully. The rug ties them together.  Brass accents offer repetition and rhythm which pulls your eye around the space making it interesting for your brain.   The colour palette once more is the tried and trusted combo with orange-brown.  The black background floor and screen draw the room in and make it cosy. The opposite of how the white works in the very first image.

photo: House Beautiful
photo: House Beautiful

Above an oversized mirror plays with the scale and the specialist plaster finished wall offers bespoke luxury… for similar ideas see Terrafino who specialise in polished plaster.  Again brass accents lift the colour and provide repetition. Balance of texture is achieved because the varying gloss surfaces on the brass, mirror and console are offset by the course linen curtains and rug, in a soft beige complimentary colour.

New Vintage 

photo: Sanderson
photo: Sanderson Wallpaper and Paint

A whimsical wallpaper and vintage bath appliances make this panelled bathroom and unexpected pleasure.  Scale here is really clever here because the mirror is under scaled (yes, more subtle than over but adds a touch of fun). The reflection in the mirror shows the wallpaper on the opposite wall which looks smaller because of the distance – a great trick! The big thing about interior design is that every project should include something that makes you smile….

Below are some products that you may find useful….

Eco Paints non-toxic
Eco Paints non-toxic see Resources Tab at top of blog for websites
Eco Fabrics with great credentials
Eco Fabrics with great credentials

I currently working with Camira and Vescom fabrics on a project, and the swatches don’t do the products justice – they have wonderful ranges of velvets and linens too…

Eco Wallpapers
Eco Wallpapers www.vescom.com
photo: www.designersguild.com
photo: arte.com
photo: arte.com … doesn’t this just look like you are inside a turquoise rock!

I hope that you have enjoyed seeing so much Turquoise… and learning a few interior design tips along the way!

Thanks for reading,


p.s. the link to my pinterest board on Turquoise here








February colour of the month ……. red!


Red is a powerful colour to use when decorating your home. Being a colour of extremes; passion, seduction, anger and adventure it takes careful consideration where you will use it.  Depending on your personality and how often you use a particular room, red can be a great way to make a statement and create a wow factor.

Red is warm and advancing it’s wavelength is long and makes the lens in your eye flex more than other colours and gets your attention because of that.  Think of a stop sign; in fact, globally red is the colour for stop.

It is also one of the top two favourite colours of all people…. In Asia red is the colour of happiness and luck, and it is the most popular colour in China.  In Russia the word for red means beautiful. Brides in India wear red saris… On Valentine’s Day in the Anglo-Saxon culture we send red roses to someone we love….

So red really does make a big statement when used in interior design.  It looks fresh and sober on the blue side of red and more fun and relaxed on the orange side of red….

found great inspirational ideas for red on Pinterest….

Screen Shot 2016-02-05 at 14.53.57

Teamed with white, red is fresh, happy and light. Used in modern or traditional bedrooms it is very inviting and great for a guest room…


… and can be used to make a candy stripe fun theme for children ….


A cheerful and fresh bathroom……fa5b473e96c26cd2687ebb1316769aac

Screen Shot 2016-02-05 at 14.55.03

Teamed with blue it is more sophisticated and sober, giving a more elegant feeling…. bc2aa3c3d5ffc7adead780caae3c1ca74d1045a45d61e2e52c63a005434cb587de4d433eb595909ab19c0cb14d77e702-1

Screen Shot 2016-02-05 at 15.07.11

It becomes more moody and seductive when teamed with deeper shades..ab69bfa2c74a77a974226a9dc7b38d4497b8805668abf2aa0ca67e6c603b18c2

Red adds a focal point to a multi colour scheme, your eye is drawn to it and it grounds the room for your eyes….8164c43662455e29965b3396045ce956Red has always been used to decorate from cave times until today, but since the beginning of the 19th Century (and advanced production methods) it became more available to the mass market and not the reserve of the rich.

In period homes it is often used and suits the proportions of Georgian and Victorian properties very well, with high ceilings and large windows. 2793534-house-30nov15_SimonBrown_b_639x426












































If that might have given you a little inspiration to look at red, whether you want a modern or traditional look.  On the resource menu at the top I have started to list eco suppliers and here are a few that have great reds!

Some of my favourite eco paints in red……..

Eco Paints
All paint suppliers shown here are on Resource menu at top of blog
Using the resources menu above you can source the look here.....
Using the resources menu above you can source similar to the look here…..

Have a great weekend, I would like to say paint the town red but that would be far too cheesy!! 😉

Thanks for reading!

Amanda x











Max up your space….

Very few of us have enough space.  I am pretty sure Her Majesty or various Russian Oligarchs are not reading this blog… so what can the rest of us do? Moving house, adding an extension or building in clever storage, great, but can be expensive and time consuming.  Don’t we all have an area in our home that we wish was just a bit more roomy?  For me I always end up in houses with the world’s smallest entrance hallways (except, of course, when I was a student and didn’t care) and my current house is no exception! Well I would like to share with you a few design tips to make your tiny space feel bigger… that together with a good dose of declutter/recycling could do the trick!  Who knows, you may not even need to extend or move.


the colour wheel

One easy/less expensive way is to change the colour. There are a zillion books about colour, but when it comes to maxing up your space using colour, then all you need to know is the following.  Warm colours advance towards you and cool colours recede away from you. Making a colour lighter tends to make it cooler therefore recede i.e. pink is more receding than red. Reds, oranges and yellows will draw a room in and make it feel warm and cosy.  Blues, greens and blue-violets will have the opposite effect and make a room feel more spacious and open. Yellows and violets can be warm or cold.


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