5 Interior Design Trends for 2017

Hi, so it is that time of year when we start thinking of spring and feel like a freshen up at home. With that in mind I would like to share some inspiration and a few interior design trend predictions I have seen for 2017…..

 1. Pantone Colour of the year – Greenery

GREENERY  Pantone colour of the year 2017
Image: elledecor

Not surprising since this green represents refreshment and revitalisation – a nod to recent world political and social events? This also represents nature and the growing feeling that we live in a finite world and need to step up and protect the environment. 

Green has a calming effect and can create a relaxing and positive feeling.

Introducing this colour into your home is very easy you could start just by adding plants….

image: pinterest

Plants can also be a health benefit see my blog House Plants to improve your health

add a few cushions or throws…

Image: pinterest

invest slightly more and reupholster some vintage chairs for a modern country look …..

image: pinterest

repaint a door ……

image: pinterest

or a vintage chic floor….

Image: lascositasdebeacheau.blogspot.com

Which ever way you do it,  adding this fresh colour will lift your spirits and bring spring into your home.

2. Butterflies

These represent optimism and are a happy motif – think social butterfly, no longer designated to children`s bedrooms.

Adding a fun wallpaper……..

Image: Christian Lacroix

or some accessories….

Butterfly container by polspotten.nl
Butterfly Blur Cushion
Image: timerousbeasties.com

Fabric for furniture and blinds, also available as a wallpaper….

Chair covered in Butterfly Fabric from timerousbeasties.com

3. Grey Floors

This trend has been around for a little while it has unexpectedly exploded on pinterest who report pins are recently up by 20%. Grey is the new neutral.

Image: elledecor

Scandinavian inspired interiors are calm and easy to live with ………

Image: firedearth.com

Most wood companies offer an array of greys……

Woods are treated and washed to achieve the tone required Image: pinterest

Or you can easily paint existing floorboards….

Paint original pine boards with a chalk based emulsion and finish with a white hard wax. Image: Design Sponge

there are some very convincing alternatives to wood….. I think marazzi do it very well.

Grey wood look porcelain tiles Image: marazzi.com
Grey tumbled limestone tiles available soon from Jacober Interiors

4.  Textures

There is a large macrotrend towards comfort, we are looking for a place to rest from the chaos and 2-dimensional information constantly coming towards us.  Layering creates a feeling of softness and keeps the room interesting, and large surfaces can be softened and given depth using textural elements or images.

Velvet, cottons and wools

Image: anthropologie.com

pom poms….

Image: nordichouse.co.uk

Faux fur….. cushions, throws or a bean bag? We have one of these at home and our cat Amber loves it too.

Image: cox&cox

To create interesting, textured wall treatments you can use…

hand made tiles…..

Selene from Johnsons Tiles

Faux marble wall paper….

Marble look wall mural from muralswallpaper.com

or a textured woven wallpaper ….

Image: wallpaper-uk.com

The key with textured walls is not to overdo it, and add lighting to show the definition.

5. Artisan

The movement away from a mass produced look.  Where we start to be aware of protecting age old practices and appreciate the work and back story behind each piece.

The London Artisan and The Bristol Artisan showcase local talented makers and designers, hold talks and champion the cause.

The Whale Trinket Bowl by Rose Nisbet from The London Artisan
Airmail Swallows lampshade by Mountain & Molehill from The Bristol Artisan

I recently wrote about Lyngard,  a wonderful company in England who are keeping age-old pottery techniques alive and producing some amazing lighting. Click here to read

I hope you have been inspired and found a few new ideas to try.

Thanks for reading, Amanda x


Artisan of the Month – Lyngard

I met the most lovely couple, Carmen and Iain, last year in Paris at the Maison et Object trade show for interior designers. Together they own and run Lyngard, a small artisan company making the most fabulous lights!

Just for the record I never accept sponsorship for posts, I only write about things I want to, that are authentic and have soul!  With this spirit I am very happy to be able to introduce you to Lyngard!

Image: Lyngard.com

Lyngard is a small lighting company set up by Carmen Lyngard and Iain Pattison in 2014. Carmen’s family have been making pottery since 1829.

Carmen’s Great Grandfather was awarded an MBE from King George VI for his services to the pottery industry. He was responsible for making our ceramic table wares safe today, by reducing the amount of lead in the glaze – so it didn’t poison us! He also helped to improve the working conditions and salaries for the workers in the pottery industry.

Image: the potteries.org

Stoke-on-Trent in Staffordshire, England has been the backdrop for pottery producers since the 17th Century (Carmen’s family included) and is synonymous with Royal Doulton, Wedgewood, Clarice Cliff and Susie Cooper being just a few of the more famous producers from this town.


Lyngard uses Fine Bone China to give luminosity and extra strength and Carmen applies a unique decorative technique called ‘true fired lustres’ passed down by her family and known to only a handful of producers worldwide.  Every piece of Lyngard is hand sculpted and made from start to finish in Stoke-on-Trent.

Image: the Conran Shop

I loved the product because you can really see and feel that this is a special artisanal piece, it is hanging art in your room! The lustre finish gives a unique iridescent glaze, the colour or which changes depending on the light in the room.  Metallic elements are added in the firing process which means that no two pieces are the same.

The Emery Pendant from Lyngard showing some of the finishes available….

Other timeless finishes are the handprinted marble effects, and coloured bodies with 24 carat gold, platinum or copper interiors.

The Pinnox Pendant W42cm H27cm
Image: Lyngard.com

I really appreciate the diversity of Lyngard’s production for such a small family business, it is quite extraordinary that they can do this and shows the hard work and commitment they pour into their business. This small company produces to a high standard a wide enough range to fit modern and traditional interiors. All by hand and all in Stoke-on-Trent.

Some of the designs available at Heal’s in London

Depending of the design, Lyngard offers black, white and grey china which can be matt or gloss.

Tall Rushton H37cm D17cm
Shown in Black Matt or Grey Matt
Bone China Rushton’s being made in factory Image: Lyngard.com

I particularly love that with Fine Bone China when lit emits a wonderful organic light.

The Marney Bone China Pendant showing luminosity when lit
Adelaide Pendant Image: Lyngard.com

I will be using some of Lyngards lovely pieces in my forthcoming project and I hope to be able to supply them to my clients too – watch this space!

Lyngard also use their fantastic techniques to make vases!

Image: Lyngard.com

Visit Lyngard’s website here 

Thanks for reading!

Amanda x