7 Design Tricks for an Entryway

Getting the entrance to your home just right, gives you not only a lovely feeling when you get home, it keeps you less stressed by being organised and it is always a great way to welcome visitors and perhaps show off a little!

Whether you have a small spot by the front door in an open plan living area, or a large entrance hallway – getting the basics right means any space can work for you. Before deciding on the cosmetics, get the practicalities fixed.  Depending on your available space try to add as many of these as you can….

For Project Weinberg the entryway was too small for the house.  A family home requires quite a lot of organising to run smoothly and a few changes were required.

The entryway was extended forward in line with the garage – planning restrictions prevented a larger extension, if you have the space then a larger area would have been better but I found another space further inside for coats so the area became big enough for what I needed.

I look forward to showing the proper ‘After’ in a couple of months…

Outdoor flooring inside is a great twist of the unexpected…  I wanted an outside-in feel for the entryway and found some good inspiration in the images below.

The wood panels and brick floor are a lovely contrast with the antique console and buffet. Don’t be afraid to mix woods…

source: http://tsg.daily.thescoutguide.com/post/124153779835/tsg-memphis
source: http://tsg.daily.thescoutguide.com/post/124153779835/tsg-memphis


Source: Patina Farm

Above: If I was living in a warm climate I would love an entryway like this… but all the glass and a Swiss climate would not work so well!  This works with an elegant rustic limestone and a rusted garden console.

Below – you don’t need to reserve stone for the floor.

source: pinterest

Below a cosy cottage feel with tongue and groove panelling, the light grey is the perfect contrast to antique brick.

Table or shelf

source: pinterest



source: pinterest

I love the use of outdoor lights inside a hallway…

Limewood Hotel UK: photoby me

Purpose build coat storage/seating can be useful for smaller spaces… 

Even the tightest spots can accommodate all you need….

source: pinterest

I look forward to showing you how I have incorporated these elements into Project Weinberg Entryway soon… make sure you subscribe I’ll keep you posted!

Thanks for reading.

Amanda x